Bradley Michael Bio


VEEPStack Contributor

Brad is a senior marketing professional who is passionate about building programs that generate pre-defined metrics to support brand engagement, growth, and ultimately revenue.

Having worked with Fortune 1000 companies in the consumer marketing arena, Brad has brought a creative, enterprising mindset to leadership roles that are responsible for growing revenue through media planning, customer engagement & loyalty planning, account management, and marketing management; including one of the largest franchisees of a global consumer brand.

In the past 4 years he has been nominated twice for Marketer of the Year in his field and is often described as a hybrid marketer wherein he is able to develop, implement, and measure multi-segment and multi-channel marketing initiatives that drive end results for growth in ROI.

High level knowledge of consumer-based marketing, B2B marketing, loyalty programming, and the customer experience (CX) are driving factors behind Brad’s passion for continuous growth and improvement to add incremental value to his clients and their customers.