Market Leading Tax Preparations Franchise


The owner of a group of market leading tax preparation franchises was facing mounting external threat of disruptive business models and a strong desire to exit the business for retirement. For more than 20 years the owner had built the business around a solid base of clientele and was the dominant leader in a coveted, high net worth market.


In spite of a successful track record, the timing for selling a tax prep business was not ideal. YOY performance, while stable in terms of gross revenue, was facing declines in overall volume as customers were opting to use competitive online providers at cut rate prices that posed an existential threat to the business. Sensing the changing tides, the company committed to strong revenue driving initiatives to boost sales, average return prices, forecast long terms earnings and position the group for sale.


1-2 VEEPStack resources were tapped to develop a multi-channel demand generation program including traditional and digital marketing and to accurately forecast the expected growth and impact of net new growth on valuation and eventually, selling price. Geo-specific campaigns were launched to reach as much of the market as possible with offers ranging from discounts, to referral fees, to supporting local charities. Customer acquisition costs were a key consideration in deciding on spend vs present and lifetime value of a net new client win.

The Plan

  • Market research: 2 Weeks
  • Demand/Lead Gen Planning: 4 Weeks
  • Lead Acquisition Design & Implementation: 2 Weeks
  • Launch & Dissemination: 4 Weeks
  • Financial Modeling & Forecasting: 2 Weeks
  • Rollout/Execution Support: 4 Weeks


  • Digital campaigns reached > 50% of defined metro market
  • Cost per new client measured at ~ 30% of present value and < 10% of lifetime value.
  • P&L forecast model accurately predicted within 2% of actual,
  • Sale of company closed within 9 months of YE results @ 110% of target sales price.

Outcomes Delivered

Financial Modeling & Forecast
Demand/Lead Generation Systems/Campaign Design
Digital Media Budget Creation & Buying
Digital Media Ad Design & Implementation
Valuation Metrics Defined & Measured
Sale of Business Negotiation Support

All the benefits of a CXO, without the price.