Jamie Mosberg Bio

Jamie Mosberg

VEEPStack Contributor

Mosberg’s working background begins as an influencer and marketing specialist in the action sports apparel and hard goods markets.

Content driven marketing became his passion and over the years he has worked creating visual content for brands, advertising agencies, and entertainment companies around the world. His long list of clients includes: Ogilvy, CAA, WMG, Toyota, Samsung, Panasonic, Schick, Oakley, Billabong, Hurley, Harley Davidson, National Geographic, ESPN, Globo, NBC and countless others.

He is recognized as one of action sports premier producers / directors / filmmakers / photographers with over twenty movies to his credit, hundreds of brand integrated videos and thousands of published images worldwide. Mosberg is one of the few to create high level still and motion content across multiple sport verticals successfully and has built everlasting relationships with some of the world’s greatest athletes.

He has one of the action sport industry’s most awarded and top selling films “The End”, a collaboration with Tony Hawk and Steve Berra. Since then, Jamie has become one of the industry’s top digital media experts with the development of the DASN to create, curate, market and deliver digital content through niche websites and social media integrations. Mosberg’s focus is in visual media, including the creative, production, acquisition and the marketing and delivery of content in a multi-platform environment. He provides freelance production, photography and video services as well as consulting on digital media initiatives.