Jim Kesaris Bio


VEEPStack Contributor

A strategic and operations-oriented senior executive with broad and extensive finance, operations and administration expertise. Multi-industry background encompassing investment and retail banking, healthcare informatics, business consulting, marketing and distribution of branded consumer products, manufacturing, professional sports and entertainment, and Big 4 public accounting experience.

Jim’s value comes from helping companies meet and exceed their growth and earnings objectives by maximizing their cash flow, minimizing risk in their working capital position, enhancing their internal control policies and procedures to safeguard company assets, promote operational efficiency, and raise capital for internal expansion and acquisitions.

Specialties: Expert-level in developing and implementing financial and operating infrastructures to safeguard company assets, maximize cash flow, control operating expenses, optimize consistent long-term earnings, and increase shareholder value.

Responsibilities have included; all financial and accounting functions; business segment and mergers & acquisitions analysis; and, establishing, maintaining and completing all regulatory, bank, audit, legal and investor relations and report requirements