Mark Sessions Bio



Empathetic, high-energy, solutions-oriented professional with a passion for people, business improvement and expertise in transforming businesses by leveraging all available resources; people, process, time, investment and technology.

Significant experience working with organizational leadership and teams to change and transform organizational design to promote self-organizing teams (Agile)

Significant experience identifying and addressing dysfunctional patterns caused by external forces that do not understand the values and principles of Agile or the importance of providing teams with an environment for agility

15+ years managing C-level relationships, including escalation resolution and enterprise-level project management experience
20+ years CRM/ERP/HRIS application experience, experience with products, services and/or processes related to sales, marketing, finance, accounting and human resources
Strategic thinker with the ability to implement solutions to achieve business objectives

Ability to influence others in a multi-matrixed environment through servant leadership

My leadership style is one based on servant leadership, inclusion, transparency, and setting clear expectations of behaviors and performance.

Generous with talents, time and attention. Big picture thinker. Giver.